Standard Bear Hunt

The six day Ontario Bear Hunt, located within our Ontario Bear Management Area, will appeal to the seasoned Bear Hunter that has done a fully guided bear hunt and wishes to be more involved in the actual baiting, tracking, field dressing, and processing of their animal.

Our standard Ontario Bear hunt has pre-baited active sites and guides will assist you when needed. We  provide all bear bait while here in camp.   Permanent or portable stands have been set up at strategic bear hunting locations so you will have the best chance at a trophy animal. This Ontario Black Bear hunt will be exclusive to a very limited number of Bear Hunters which ensures a high success rate for the harvest of mature Bears.  The Bear hunt requires the use of your ATV and/or Truck.  If you don’t have either, we can still get you into some great spots for your Ontario bear hunt, they will be within a shorter walking distance off old, unused logging roads within our black bear managemt area.

This Ontario black bear hunt is based out of our Pickerel Lake main camp and pricing includes a light housekeeping cabin, which is located a short distance from your Bear Hunting sites.  Boats, motors and fuel for fishing during non-hunting times are supplied and the fishing is great, so bring your fishing gear.  We will also provide you with bait for the six day bear hunt and an orientation of the bear hunting area when you arrive.  We also provide skinning and freezer service for meat processing.  We have an archery range set up for hunters to practice their shots.

We have a variety of past and present hunters that will give a reference as to the quality of our hunts.  We’d like to give you a hunt that we’d like to have offered to us if we were looking for one for ourselves.


NEW for 2016 is a spring bear hunt.  The 2017 spring bear hunt will take place here at our main camp and will start May 14th, 2017.  It will be conducted the same as our standard bear hunt.  There have been some regulation changes with regards to the baiting by the OMNRF but will not affect the quality of our hunts.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has deemed a trial period for a spring black bear hunt to take place this coming spring until 2020.  After that date they will see if their management plan has been successful and will continue from there.Please give us a call or contact us if you have questions regarding an Ontario bear hunting trip with us.

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