2018 Ontario bear hunting dates – revised

We have available some 2018 Ontario bear hunting dates. They are August 25th and September 8th to 15th.  These hunts are available at our main camp for groups of 2 and up to 4 hunters.  Your group will be the only one in camp for this six day hunt which starts on Sunday afternoon and runs until Friday night, departing on Saturday morning.  Fishing is included and we have boats, motors and fuel, available for you to use.

Call if interested.  

end of 2017 bear hunt

Wow!  It seems like we just got started and already this is our last week of bear hunts.  We did really great this season with a total of about 21 hunters for both spring and fall seasons.  We were about 95% for harvesting a bear and saw a total of 50 bears.

Last week was a little tough and we’re thinking it was on account of the full moon.  We may have to keep that in mind.  Talked to another couple of bear outfitters and they were having the same problem.

2017 Fall Bear Hunt starting soon

Well, the fall bear hunt will be on us soon.  June flew by and July is here already which means Greg will be busy with the baiting for the fall hunt.  Blueberries haven’t had a chance to get going as our weather has not been the greatest but all we need are a few hot sunny days and the berries will be ripe and ready to eat.

Ontario Bear hunt

Our first Ontario bear hunt has started and one of our hunters harvested a nice black bear with small white “v” on its chest.  It will make a beautiful rug.  The weather hasn’t been cooperating too much as its been very still with no wind.

Fall Bear hunt cancellation

We have available immediately a fall bear hunt for up to 3 people.  Date is September 16th to 23rd.  Please call for more details


Ontario Spring Bear Hunt has almost started

Well, the Ontario spring bear hunt has almost started.  We’ve been busy getting the stands and hunting sites cleared of underbrush and have done some baiting already as our first hunters start the week of May 13th.  We’ve got a limited number of hunters which makes for some outstanding hunting opportunities.  

Our weather definitely isn’t cooperating as its below freezing and we now have about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  Weather is supposed to warm up this coming weekend, so it will melt the snow off quickly.

Believe it or not, its probably a good thing we’ve got snow as the bush is really dry and there isn’t a lot of runoff to raise the levels of the lakes.  The poplars haven’t even started to flush where we are.

2017 March 8 Bears

Last week the weather was really warm and was causing lots of flooding on our logging road.  Since then our temperatures have plummeted with wind chills getting down to -37C.  We’re hoping that it doesn’t thaw out too quickly as bear dens get flooded out if early thaw and makes it really bad for newborn cubs and first time out of the den

2017 Spring and Fall Bear Hunting

Pickerel Lake Outfitters is now taking bookings for the spring and fall bear hunting season.  We take two to four hunters at one time for the six day hunt.  Give us a call if interested.

2016 Fall Bear Hunt Summary

Our 2016 Fall Bear Hunts were a great success with 100% harvest rate of black bears.  We did get some great trail camera photos which we’ve published on the photos page.

Ontario Bear Hunting Cancellation

We have a cancellation for this fall for a bear hunt.  Date is Saturday  September 17th to 24th.  If interested please call us at 807-543-3113. This hunt you’d be able to do a grouse hunt as well as season will be open.

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