Ontario Bear Hunting Dates for 2020 season

We have a few dates still left for our Ontario Bear hunting for 2020.  They are as follows:

August 29th to September 5th at Fly-in Outpost

August 29th to September 5th

September 12th to 19th.

These hunts are for groups of two and up to 4 hunters.  You will be the only ones in camp for the six day hunt.  Please call or email us if interested.

Successful 2019 Bear Hunting Season

Another successful Ontario bear hunting season has passed.  This past year we are 100% for seeing and harvesting multiple black bears.  The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has set out an allocation for all businesses who have a Bear Management Area.  We had 3 Pope & Young Bears and one Boone & Crocket.  A lot of bigger bears were seen this past season.  Possibly they had a really good winter as coast on females were very thick and healthy.  The maps seemed to have less fat and thinner coats.

Ontario Bear Hunt season is fast approaching

The Ontario bear hunt season is fast approaching.  Greg has started getting stands ready as well as cleaning up some of the trees that have fallen over the winter and spring.  Lakes still have ice on them and we expect them to thaw by around May 8th.  There is not very much snow left on the ground, just in the shady spots.  

2019 Fall Fly-in Bear hunt available

We have a fall fly-in bear hunt available at one of our outposts from either Sunday August 18th to 25th or Saturday August 31st to September 7th.  Please call or email if interested Its for two and up to four hunters.

Fall Bear Hunt 2019

We have available a fall bear hunt for 2019.  Dates are August 24th to August 31st or August 31st to September 7th.  Call or email for details. 

Spring Bear Hunt 2019

We have available a date for a spring bear hunt from May 18 to 25th.  If interested in booking a date please give us a call or email.

Start of Spring Bear Hunting Season

We will be starting our spring bear hunting season in a couple of weeks.  Greg has started with prepping the hunting spots as there is typically lots of chainsaw work to be done in spring with trees falling on areas or across trails.  We haven’t been able to get north yet for a peek at those sites as there is still ice on the lakes.

Spring Bear Hunt-has sprung?

Spring must be on the way.  Saw our 1st robin.  Snowbanks are going steadily down and ice on lakes is melting with all the sunshine we’ve been having.  Some bears in town are already out on the prowl.  

Greg will be starting with the first part of our bear hunting program so all is ready for our first group of hunters.  We have not been to outposts yet as the airplanes are still iced out.  We are keeping tabs on the ice situation at outpost and will update 

2018 Ontario bear hunting dates – revised

We have available some 2018 Ontario bear hunting dates. They are August 25th and September 8th to 15th.  These hunts are available at our main camp for groups of 2 and up to 4 hunters.  Your group will be the only one in camp for this six day hunt which starts on Sunday afternoon and runs until Friday night, departing on Saturday morning.  Fishing is included and we have boats, motors and fuel, available for you to use.

Call if interested.  

end of 2017 bear hunt

Wow!  It seems like we just got started and already this is our last week of bear hunts.  We did really great this season with a total of about 21 hunters for both spring and fall seasons.  We were about 95% for harvesting a bear and saw a total of 50 bears.

Last week was a little tough and we’re thinking it was on account of the full moon.  We may have to keep that in mind.  Talked to another couple of bear outfitters and they were having the same problem.

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